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October 28 2009

echt gute präse

September 16 2009

Mini Flipper

February 16 2009

November 14 2008

November 06 2008

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October 27 2008

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October 19 2008

September 05 2008

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Best quote in video #1 around 2:50 min: “[...] this means that almost by definition in three or four years, you have to be able to - without being on cocaine or crack at the current moment you to saying this - you have to believe that you could be doing 75 or 100 million dollars in revenue.” Priceless!

August 06 2008

July 31 2008

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July 25 2008

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Der Palast der Republik nach dem Besuch Barak Obamas (Berlin, 25. Juli 2008 um 9:03 h aus voller Fahrt vom bronzemetallic-BSA-Hollandfahrrad mit Nokia 6300).

Wer hat eigentlich inzwischen alles so Zugriff hier?


July 23 2008

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